Exiled writers & bloggers from Bangladesh - Humanity House


21 Feb

Book Fair, docu and discussion

Exiled writers & bloggers from Bangladesh

Exiled writers and bloggers from Bangladesh will come together in the Humanity House for a book fair, documentary and discussion on the political situation and the rise of extremism in their country.

In less than a year extremists killed four writers and one publisher in Bangladesh, because they were critical on religion. In Bangladesh, blogging can get you killed” headlined Amnesty on this.

On the 21st of February The Ekushe Book Fair takes places in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. However, many writers (and their work) cannot join as they had to flee their country, are killed, or are afraid to speak out.

In Humanity House you can have an one-to-one conversation with writers and bloggers during the ‘Bangladesh Alternative Book Fair’ and watch the short documentary Razor’s Edge, that portraits special bloggers from Bangladesh. After the screening we will talk with persecuted writers. bloggers and the audience on their experiences and on the situation in Bangladesh and the rise of extremism. Moderators are director Jakob de Jonge of the Hague Peace Project and Bob Churcill, Director of Communications at International Humanist and Ethical Union.

14:00 h. Bangladesh Alternative Book Fair
16:00 h. Screening of the documentary Razor’s Edge
16:30 h. Discussion with Bloggers
17:40 h. Break
18:00 h. Discussion with Bloggers and Experts
18:45 h. Drinks and Book Fair

About this Program

This program is organized by the Hague Peace Projects and Mukto-Mona in cooperation with The International Humanist and Ethical Union.


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