Professor of Economics Paul Collier - Humanity House


14 Nov

Meet & Greet

Professor of Economics Paul Collier

Border Sessions is an international festival in The Hague that focuses mainly on international developments in science and technology. Border Sessions provides a platform for thinkers, researchers and entrepreneurs with compelling and critical stories that help us understand new challenges and opportunities.

Through the Humanity House you can visit the festival Border Sessions and attend the presentation of top economist Paul Collier very cheap. He is known for the best selling and award-winning publication The Bottom Billion and recently published his latest book: Exodus, How Migration is Changing Our World, which he presents in Border Sessions.

About the speaker

Paul Collier is Professor of Economics at Oxford. Collier is one of the world’s leading development economists. Collier worked for the World Bank and advises world leaders on poverty.

Reserve a place?

If you mail to (with the words ‘Paul Collier’ in the subject line) you will receive all the information about the day pass (€ 39.00 instead of € 49.00). This allows you to attend the presentation of Paul Collier (at 14:30 in Theater aan het Spui) and to the exclusive Meet & Greet with the chief economist (at 15:30 in Filmhuis Den Haag).


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