Stories - Humanity House
Fair Fashion LabExhibition, from Fri 25.04. 2014 until Wed 31.12. 2014
How does film raise awareness about migration and refugees?Bubble Breaker, Fri 31.01. 2020
Moving PeopleExhibition, from Thu 10.09. 2015 until Sat 31.10. 2015
Lecture: How about the Immunities of International Organisations?Lecture, Fri 14.10. 2016
In my dreams I want to become a touristExhibition, from Thu 03.11. 2016 until Sat 26.11. 2016
Ukraine: the Spring, the Chaos, the FutureProgram, Fri 20.06. 2014
Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard PlaceExhibition, from Mon 19.06. 2017 until Sun 31.12. 2017
Beauty in the Middle: Women of Congo Speak OutExhibition, from Wed 22.04. 2015 until Sun 17.05. 2015
ShelterExhibition, from Wed 07.09. 2016 until Tue 27.09. 2016
A one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict?Panel Discussion, Wed 29.01. 2020
No lost generationExhibition, from Tue 16.09. 2014 until Sun 28.09. 2014
Framing the TransitionExhibition, from Tue 30.05. 2017 until Sun 18.06. 2017
Stories of Change – Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’Exhibition, from Fri 20.02. 2015 until Sun 23.08. 2015
Collateral; the human cost of explosive violence in UkraineExhibition, from Wed 06.07. 2016 until Wed 02.11. 2016
Splinter, work of artExhibition, from Tue 12.01. 2016 until Sat 26.03. 2016
‘Emergency response system is bursting at the seams’World Humanitarian Summit
Syrian refugees in Cairo
Free, open and secure internet
Humanity House lecture series underway!
Forced House Eviction Worldwide
Nobel Peace Prize 2014 for education activists
How peanut paste saves children’s lives
Global forced displacement tops 50 million for first time in post-World War II era
‘Crawling around between one of the endless rows of tents’
“Blueprint for Action” to end refugee and migrant deaths in the Med
Refugees who have not come to Europe (yet)
Cameroon: Hundreds slaughtered by Boko Haram and abused by security forces
Highest Alarm State Iraq
Boko Haram at a glance
Animated film: what if the war was here?'What if refugees fleeing was no longer something you knew from television but happened outside your front door?'
OneWorld reports about the forgotten crises
Extraordinary outdoor films at Humanity House
The album “Vergeten Liedjes voor Vergeten Kinderen” (Forgotten Songs for Forgotten Children)
Female voices from Afghanistan‘I have never seen happiness but I want my children to grow up and become successful people’
Treatment of victims of sexual violence is specialism
Brand new volunteers regularly have a 'wow-moment'
Stories of  youth in war zones
“Ebola, there is no time to lose!”According to estimates, Sierra Leone and Liberia may expect 1,4 million cases of Ebola in January 2015.
Floods Balkans
Virtual Reality Movie: step into the world of a domestic slave
TINKEBELL.: Save the world in BangladeshFair Fashion Lab
Ebola: blanket of fear over Sierra Leone
Walk along in the Night of the Refugee 2015!Registration is open again. Walk alone, with your friends or join a team. For the first time, there is a children’s walk this year.
3FM Serious Request 2014: Hands off our Girls!
The Killing Fields in Northern Iraq
South Sudan: eating grass to survive
'STEP UP TO THE PLATE!'"The world is on fire!" Simone Filippini, Cordaid’s CEO, is not afraid to speak up about how she feels and delivers an emotional speech.
Dutch children's organizations help refugee children to play again
Women on the Frontline: Portraits in Courage
One-way ticket to the Netherlands: multimedial portrayal of the Eritrea-route  
“Don’t Touch” – Life in Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone
Six unique images from Northern Iraq
Mine victims Dana and Zana Anim
In 2015 we celebrate 70 years of liberation Heavily fought for freedom is portrayed in the spectacular film D-Day, Normandy 1944.

Humanity House

raises discussion about humanitarian themes to increase understanding, inspiring people to contribute positively to a life of peace and freedom for everybody.

We believe that everybody enjoys the right to live in peace and freedom, and everybody can contribute positively to this in their own way.

This page therefore highlights inspiring stories featured in our exhibitions and programmes, and stories given to us by visitors.

All about (in)humanity.