2103 Festival: What is anti-discrimination? - Humanity House


21 Mar


2103 Festival: What is anti-discrimination?

With recent racist remarks in the political arena the counter voice from Dutch society proved to be loud.
Although the interest from the mainstream media for race topics and issues are evident, ‘race’ still remains a difficult subject in The Netherlands. 2103 Festival is a grassroots manifest against discrimination of all sorts. Together with a broad variety of young and creative ‘change agents’ 2103 Festival speak and works with people, goes in-depth instead of merely scratching surfaces.

2103 Festival is to celebrate our enormous cultural diversity, but is also not afraid to ask questions, go in-depth and to break with outdated social constructs. This one-day festival brings different communities from The Hague together.

2103 Festival is multi-disciplinary with debate, installation, art, comedy, spoken-word, photography, live music en more. An eclectic group of artists and modern ‘change agents’ are invited to join and work with 2103 Festival in a collaborative spirit.

Cooperating partners

Youngsters Ambassadors, Foundation De Chinese Brug, Foundation Multicultural Platform Peace & Freedom, Foundation Hindustani, Bureau Discrimination Affairs (BDZ) en East West.

The Anti-Discrimination Festival takes place in Humanity House and admission is free. Check out the website. The program plus current updates can be found on the 2103-Facebook page.


  • Nederlands/Engels
  • 18:00
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