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08 Mar


Rewatch. AfricaTalks: How do women drive change in Africa?


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AfricaTalks: How do women drive change in Africa?

On International Women’s Day, the new platform AfricaTalks is launched. AfricaTalks is inspired on HagueTalks and created in response to the demand for a platform where the success stories of young African change makers can be shared. During this first edition, three powerful women will share their ideas and experiences of how small steps combined with bold ideas are making a sustainable continent from the inside out.

Inspiration for this debut edition of AfricaTalks comes from the theme of International Women’s Day: #BalanceforBetter. An equal world for men and women is better for everyone. Talk and share your ideas. How do you make a difference for more gender balanced world?


  • Ms. Aba (Ghana, West Africa)
    As a presenter, she has hosted various entertainment and lifestyle events like The Hague African Festival, Miss Africa Netherlands, Afrika Dag (Africa At Night) and New Skool Rules Festival. Ms. Aba works as a freelance presenter, broadcaster and voice-over artist. You can listen to her every Sunday from 7pm (CET) on Hiradio on her weekly show Africa on Focus, a radio show aimed to promote entrepreneurship and success stories within African communities.
  • Mekka Abdelgabar (Sudan, East Africa)
    Mekka Abdelgabar is the founder of Vrouwen Organisatie Nederland Darfur (VOND), a foundation with the main objective of training Sudanese young people with life skills, communication skills and a critical attitude in order to make them more resilient to recruitment by extremist and violent militias. In this way they can contribute to conflict prevention. Concentrating on developing skills to participate in mediation and peace dialogues, increasing the knowledge of gender equality, creating a NAP1325 network and on providing opportunities for young people to participate in decision making at a higher level.
  • Sarah Mizran (Lybia, North Africa )
    Sarah Mizran is an architect, an artist and an activist. She is currently a postgraduate student at University of Kent, studying architecture and the sustainable environment. Sarah is a member of Makers of Hope, a youth led organization which advocates for youth empowerment & engagement and implementation of UNCSR 2250 in Libya. With this resolution, the UN Security Council urges member states to increase representation of youth at decision level, in order to combat radicalization. Sarah is also a regional ambassador at the International Development House, an organization that promotes the UN sustainable development goals. In 2017, she co-organized TedxYouth @Alssarim in Tripoli which focused on engaging youth in a positive environment.
  • Felicity Sibindi (Zimbabwe, Southern Africa)
    Felicity Sibindi is a public health specialist who works to amplify the voices of young people in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria as the Regional Manager for Africa at RNW Media. Her work focuses on bringing to light sexual and reproductive health and rights issues that face young people through a cutting-edge digital approach to advocacy where the authentic voices of young people are heard at local and international forums to create meaningful change.
  • The Moderator is Jamila Aanzi.
    Jamila Aanzi was the UN women’s representative of the Netherlands in 2017. Her focus was the necessity to reduce the gender-gap. She addressed her message to politicians and government officials, but she also involved men, women, employers and other stakeholders in achieving gender equality.

About AfricaTalks

AfricaTalks is a HagueTalks-inspired platform for dialogue, by Africans, for everyone. This new platform inspires positive social action and will be a meeting point for creative minds, peace inventors and game changers on the African continent. AfricaTalks was created in response to the demand for a platform where the success stories of young African change makers can be shared.

Apart from this event in The Hague, local dialogues are being held this day and during the year in many African countries.

Note: this is a free event, but don’t forget to register.


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