Amal - Humanity House


16 Aug

Open Air Cinema



When Amal is 14 years old, she ends up on Tahrir Square during the Egyptian revolution. She participates in the riots fierce and with passion. She is beaten by the police and dragged across the square. In the four years that follow, the filmmaker follows Amal closely, resulting in a beautiful coming-of-age story.

The movie shows big changes in Amal’s life and her search for her own identity, at the forefront of the hectic developments in Egypt. She holds endless discussions with her mother about all these changes and wants to knock some sense into her. Outside of her home she needs to fight for the respect of others and a place to join them on the streets.

We see the girl Amal grow up to be a young woman. This changes her position between the men beside her. For years long the camera follows how Amal tries to shape the future of her country as well as her own.


Director: Mohamed Siam
Length: 83 minutes
Subtitels: English subtitles

The open air film can only start at sunset, which is around 9.30 pm. If it rains we will screen the film in our (covered) Genève Room. Drinks and snacks are available on the terrace during the movie.

Make sure to come on time so you can also visit The Sensory Pod: a special cabin that enriches the audiovisual experience of VR glasses with odor, temperature, wind, vibration and light. The Sensory Pod lets you personally meet Syrian refugees who had to exchange their own house for a refugee camp in Lebanon.


“Checking in annually on Amal’s unpredictable progress over five tough years, Siam’s bittersweet film elegantly maintains its dual personal and political narrative without undue contrivance.” Read the entire review at the Variety website.

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