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25 Jun


Political Cafe: Armenia’s Peaceful Revolution

Last month Armenians took to the streets to protest Serzj Sargsjan which resulted in dismissal of the former president. What made the revolution in Armenia so unique? With activists from Armenia, academics and politicians, we will discuss the current situation and future prospects of the country.

Serzj Sargsjan was appointed as prime minister by the Armenian parliament after he already served as president of the country for ten years. This move essentially prolonged his rule. Armenians were outraged and a popular uprising followed. Driven young people, led by the charismatic opposition leader Nikol Pasjinjian rallied the nation behind them in an effort to get more freedom and democracy. The demonstrations led to the appointment of Pasjinjian as the new prime minister of the country without any violence or bloodshed.

What are the democratic prospects of the country with the new prime minister? What will be the impact for the region at large? How do Armenians see this? What position does Europe take in this? During this program, different speakers will discuss these matters and give their insights on the first peaceful revolution in the region. Music will be provided by Ruzanna Hakobyan.


  • Marina Ohanjanyan. Senior projectmanager Eastern Europe and South Caucasus. She closely followed the protests in Yerevan and talked to different activist. She will talk about the events and her experiences during the demonstrations.
  • Tony van der Togt. Senior Research Fellow Clingendael Institute. He will explain how the demonstrations are viewed at the international level.
  • Garaging Melkonyan. Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the Netherlands.
  • Mato Hakverdian. Chairman Federation of Armenian Organisations in The Netherlands (FAON). How does the diaspora look at the events in Armenia? Mato will talk with the two young Armenian activists.
  • Armen Mkhchyan and Ozheni Avetisyan. Two activists from Armenia who have actively participated in the demonstrations in the hope for positive change.
  • The moderator will be Arjen Berkvens. Director Foundation Max van der Stoel.

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