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22 Jun

networking event with speaker

Cafe Humanitair: Urban Refugees

How to survive in a foreign city without papers, work, a social network or a place to stay? Refugees are increasingly staying in urban areas, where they often live unregistered, without any humanitarian support and protection. How can humanitarian organizations help them?

The difficult situation of urban refugees has received little attention over the past decades. But recently policy makers, practitioners and academics have started to address this issue. In tonight’s edition of ‘Café Humanitaire’, Jeff Crisp will draw from his direct experience and expertise to deliver a presentation on the challenges, threats but also the resilience of urban refugees around the world.

About the speaker

Dr Jeff Crisp has a Masters degree and PhD in African Studies from the University of Birmingham. He has held senior positions with UNHCR, Refugees International and the Global Commission on International Migration. He has also worked for the Independent Commission on International Humanitarian Issues, the British Refugee Council and at the Coventry University. Jeff has first-hand experience of humanitarian operations throughout the world and has published and lectured widely on refugee and migration issues.

About this program

This program is organized by CARE Nederland, Stichting Vluchteling and ZOA. With this meeting they provide a follow up to the Dutch Humanitarian Summit of February 2015, on which Urban Refugees was one of the discussed issues. 


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