Cuba Libre - Rap is War - Humanity House


27 Jun

Film with after talk

Cuba Libre – Rap is War

A gripping undercover film about the militant Cuban underground rap duo Los Aldeanos, who tackle the injustices in no uncertain terms. Dynamic footage of Havana’s street culture – with street dance and basketball – is intercut with scenes from the rappers’ concerts and family lives.

They hitchhike around the country to play controversial concerts that always end up with someone pulling the plug. Their self-produced CD’s sell very well, but the risks they take become clear when two young people end up in prison for listening to the duo’s music. Los Aldeanos’s rap is the beating heart of the film, which was shot completely undercover in cities like Havana and Holguín, as well as on the road through Cuba. There’s also a chilling visit to a slum, where abject poverty and despair prevail. The fear becomes all too clear in the interviews with family members, not to mention the authorities’ intimidation practices, which are illustrated by footage of police operations and a member of the secret service appearing on the street. Something that makes a lasting impression is the rappers’ resilience, joy of living and courage while fighting for a better future.

Film with aftertalk

After watching the film, visitors can ask questions to a person involved with the subject. We will speak with Pamela Kalkman (expert Cuban protest art) and rapper Salah Edin. There also will be an spoken-word performance.  The film is selected in collaboration with Movies that Matter.


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