Dear Mandela - Humanity House


22 Apr

Film with aftertalk

Dear Mandela

Mazwi, Zama and Mnikelo are inhabitants of the settlements around the South African slum Kennedy Road. It is one of the many slums that is cleared by the government and will be destroyed. However, no plans have been made to provide alternative housing. The young South Africans no longer accept this and revolt. They resist the Slums Act which they see as a new form of apartheid, and take their government to court. The story takes a dramatic turn when gunmen invade Kennedy Road…

In conversation with Susan Booysen

In Humanity Cinema, Humanity House screens gripping films and documentaries as a way of bringing up important subjects and discussing them with viewers. After the film we will talk with Susan Booysen, professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. She will give an introduction to the movie, and will inform us on the upcoming elections in South-Africa, that will be held on May 7th. Booysen wrote several books and articles on the African National Congress and she is also a political commentator in South Africa’s media. Moderated by Saskia Vredeveld, documentary filmmaker who grew up in South Africa. She made several films about the country, its people and problems.

This program is part of The Hague Freedom Weeks.


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