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26 Aug

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Doc: The Look of Silence

The brother of optometrist Adi was a victim of the Indonesian massacre on communists in 1965. Adi decides to break the suffocating spell of submission and terror by doing something unimaginable in a society where the murderers remain in power: he confronts the men who killed his brother, while testing their eyesight.

Many Indonesians accept the massacre as a necessary cleansing operation against “the communists.” The actual events remain scrupulously consealed. Although the courageous Adi dares to ask everything to the murderers of his brother, he refuses to share his address with them out of fear for reprisals. For similar reasons, many Indonesian film crew members appear anonymously in the credits.

The Look of Silence is Joshua Oppenheimer’s second documentary on Indonesia’s handling of the mass murder of a million (suspected) communists in 1965 and 1966. Earlier appeared the award-winning documentary The Act of Killing ( European Film Award , Oscar nomination).

Change of scenery!

Due to the weather, we will show this documentary film inside. 

Movies that Matter + extras

The documentaries in the Open Air Cinema are the result of a cooperation with Movies that Matter. Before screening of the documentary starts, you’ll get a small extra. In this case an interview with Saskia Wieringa on the effect of silence in Indonesian society and the initiative to organize a People’s Tribunal, which she chairs. Wieringa is Professor of Gender and Women’s Same-Sex Relations Crossculturally at the University of Amsterdam.

Watch the trailer:

Have a picnic or a drink on our terrace

Please feel welcome to arrive early and enjoy a richly filled Picnic basket at the terrace (2 persons: €25,00) with e.g. bread, humus, tapenade, a fine selection of sausages or cheese, olives, nuts, crisps, mini brownies, a bottle of wine and a bottle of Earth Water. The Picnic basket can be ordered online along with your ticket. Also, the outdoor bar will be open prior to the film screenings. We serve cooled juices, soft drinks, wine, beer and small snacks.

Combi-Tickets: two movies for only €15,-

This Summer the theme of the open air cinema at Het Nutshuis is ‘Rocket Cinema’. Guided by ambiance, tempo and tension DJ’s and musicians will create an original soundtrack through live music. For only €15,00 (normally €18,50) you buy a Combi-Ticket for open air screenings at Humanity House and Het Nutshuis. Combi-tickets are valid whole summer and for sale at the door of Nutshuis and Humanity House and online via

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* All films and documentaries have English subtitles 


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