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08 Dec

Docu with Q&A

Documentaries: My Enemy, My Brother & Abu

During this evening we will be screening two documentaries in which the experiences of migrants from the Middle East and Pakistan are central. Canadian directors Ann Shin and Arshad Khan will be present for a panel discussion and Q&A, including questions of migration, integration and identity, following the films.

My Enemy, My Brother

Zahed and Najah are two former enemies from the Iran-Iraq war who become blood brothers for life. 25 years after one saves the other on the battlefield, they meet again by chance in Canada. Considering the recent coverage of the Middle East, this emotional documentary story of Najah and Zahed is a surprising affirmation of humanity that cuts across political borders.

With a Q&A with award-wining producer and director Ann Shin.

Abu (Father)

Pakistani gay filmmaker Arshad Khan examines his troubled relationship with his devout, Muslim father Abu and their struggle with religion, sexuality, colonialism and migration to Canada. He uses family footage, classic Bollywood films and animation to introduce viewers to the tense relationships between family and fate, conservatism and liberalism, and modernity and familiarity.

With a Q&A with the filmmaker Arshad Khan.

About this program

This screening is made possibly by the Canadian embassy and the International Organisation of Migration, in cooperation with the International Queer & Migrant Film Festival, dat is held from 6 to 13 December in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Haarlem and Rotterdam. The festival aims to highlight films, photography and theater about sexual diversity in migrant societies.

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