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04 Aug

Open Air Cinema

Film: Norteado

The Mexican Andres travels from Oaxaca to Tijuana in order to cross the US border. Things don’t go as planned, and after each failed attempt to reach the US, Andrés returns to a store directly next to the enormous wall that keeps him from his goal.

Andres from Mexico makes many failed attempts to illegally cross the border into America. At one point he befriends two women who give him a little work and a place to sleep in a small shop, right beside the huge wall built to prevent him from reaching his goal. Their husbands once managed to cross the border, but they have not been in touch since.

The film pays homage to the often absurd inventiveness of the illegal migrant and shows in subtle and sometimes humorous ways how stressful the migrant situation is, and the problems faced by border towns like Tijuana.

Watch the trailer here:

About Outdoor Cinema: migration

This summer Humanity House opens its terrace for a series of open-air films: Outdoor Cinema 2016! The theme this year is migration.

We are showing films and documentaries from all corners of the world about people who take the momentous decision to leave their homeland. Leaving a dangerous place, arriving in the land of their dreams, or stranded in a place where they don’t want to be at all: how do they relate to new and unknown surroundings, and to policies often aimed at keeping them out? Come to this special summer cinema series and step into the world of the migrant.

Why this film?

Programmer Carry: This film deals with a migration route that is taken very often. Moreover, the US has accomplished what many Europeans dream of: built a wall. The film shows the determination of people who attempt to climb over the wall, despite the great danger. The simple story and the music, the style of filming and the encounters of Andres in the border village make this an entertaining film, despite the heavy themes.”

Good to know

Director: Rigoberto Pérezcano
Length: 94 minutes
Subtitles: English subtitles
Start: the film starts at sunset
Rain: If it rains, we will screen the film in our (covered!) Genèva Room

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