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16 Sep


From the ground up: Yemeni Women’s Participation in the Peace Process

Yemen is going through a fifth year of conflict. In the news you do not hear much about the conflict and even less about the Yemeni who strive for reconstruction of their country. During this program, they share their stories in short, personal speeches, so they can provide an important insight into the life that continues in Yemen, and what the local needs and challenges are. 

The conflict in Yemen has created the one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. Since the start of the conflict, four rounds of peace talks have been organized by the United Nations. It has always been said that the input of young people and women in the peace process is important. However, in practice it appears that the ultimate influence of these groups is minimal, while this is just as important for sustainable and inclusive peace.

The Yemeni who share their stories all work for organizations that work for women and young people in Yemen. You will hear stories about how life continues in Yemen and how they try to involve young people and women in the peace process. The stories provide insights into the initiatives they set up and what the biggest challenges and needs are. How can international policy makers and aid organizations offer the best help to fit these needs and challenges.

The program ends with a lunch and an exhibition.

About the speakers

  • The executive manager of a local Yemeni CSO which focuses on art and culture will highlight the work on art in times of conflict where art is considered luxury. Peacebuilding through art has been a tool of resistance for many young people.
  • An independent youth representative will share perspectives on the role of youth in communities as peace builders and war makers with limited options context where some young people had to join battlefield to secure a monthly income.
  • The executive director of a local CSO which focuses on social change will share insights to the struggles of local CSOs to operate under different authorities and shrinking spaces for women led CSOs where they end up closing CSOs due to lack of funding/ no accessibility or embrace emergency projects to sustain continuity.

Because of security reasons we cannot write down the names of the speakers.

About this program

09:30 – 10:45     Personal talks from the speakers

10:45 – 11:15 .   Break: Coffee & Tea

11:15 – 12:00     Panel discussion

12:00 – 13:00 .   Lunch & exhibition of Yemeni art & portrets

This program is organized by CARE, The Hague Academy for local governance and Wo=Men.


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