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18 Feb

Interactive debate

HagueTalks #2: Women, powerful agents for peace and security

In 2000, the Security Council of the UN adopted resolution 1325 to call on UN member states to put women’s interests at the heart of their peace and security agenda. Instead of seeing women merely as victims, they should be recognized as strong actors and leaders in peace, reconciliation and reconstruction processes. In this, both women and men have an important role to play. Women should be involved, empowered and entitled to equal rights. Is there any reason to celebrate after 15 years of resolution 1325? Or are we further away from a worldwide implementation than ever?

In this HagueTalk we will speak about the link between women, peace and security. The two speakers will give examples from their experience as women’s rights activists. You can share your thoughts and ideas on the topic setting peace and justice in motion.

About the speakers

Ms. Hasina Safi (Afghanistan) is Executive Director of Afghan Women’s Network, focused on women’s empowerment and self-sufficiency. For 20 years she has been advocating women’s empowerment and she also defends women’s rights. Ms. Hibaaq Osman (Somalia) is founder and CEO at El Karama (which raise and expand the influence of Arab women as leaders in regional and international contexts). She is also member of the UN Women Global Civil Society Advisory Group. Moderator: Kirsten van den Hul.

HagueTalks is a worldwide, interactive series of dialogue and discussion about subjects related to peace and justice. HagueTalks is an initiative from Hague project Peace and Justice. 


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