HagueTalks: What is truthful reporting? - Humanity House


23 Nov

Interactive debate

HagueTalks: What is truthful reporting?

During this HagueTalks we will talk with journalists from around the world about truthful and impartial reporting. What do the five principles of journalism: truth, independence, impartiality, humanity and accountability mean to them? How do they see their own role and that of citizen journalism via new media such as Facebook within the society?

Three stories, one picture. Exclusively for this HagueTalks, three journalist wrote a story accompanying a picture of the Dutch photographer Jeroen Oerlemans, who recently died in Libya. Through these stories we will discuss the importance of ethical and accurat journalism. We will discuss how news is presented and how we, as an audience, consume it. How can you as a reader remain critical, without becoming too cynical or paranoid?

About the speakers

On invitation of The Hague Peace Projects there are more then twenty journalists from Africa, Asia and the Middle-East in The Hague. They will be in the audience to join the discussion.


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