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30 Mar

Interactive Debate

HagueTalks: Reporting peace instead of war?

With 15 journalists from all over the world, this event will focus on the important role of media in peace processes. What role do you have as a journalist? Can you report in service of peace, or does this affect your objectivity? And do you have influence at all, or does the media play a marginal role during peace processes?

Writer and anthropologist Kara Blackmore and journalist Jan Roelfs will kick off the discussion with two Talks. Then the floor is open for the 15 journalist and the rest of the audience to react and join this important dialogue on the role of media.

About the Speakers

Kara Blackmore is a British/American writer and antropologist who works at the intersection of art, heritage and social justice. She will talk about framing, images and war vs. peace reporting. She will let us imagine the unimaginable, show us the dynamics of peacetime and provide visual material for alternative ways of seeing conflict affected societies.

Jan Roelfs, reporter of NOS television, went to Zataari refugee camp in Jordan to explore the role of football in the Syria peace processes. He will talk about positive messaging and the concept of hope in reporting. Jan is one of the most popular Dutch sports commentator at NOS television. He vividly commends on UEFA Champions League, Premier league, Eredivisie, football matches, international tennis competitions and cross-country races as well as the Olympic summer and winter games.

About this Program

This program is organized by HagueTalks, Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, RNW Media and Humanity House.


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