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03 Feb

Interactive debate

Human rights violations and international justice

The economic prominence of States on the world stage does not always align with their stance on international justice. China, for example, often considers international justice and human rights to be Western inventions and interventions. Chinese international lawyer and human rights expert Michael Liu wants to change that because he is fascinated by the multilayered impact of international law, which is a framework for international relations, that has the capacity to bind states and nations. After his talk, Michael Liu will start a dialogue with the audience and with seven human right experts who come from all over the world.

About the speaker

Mr. Michael Liu is Founder and Secretary General of the Chinese Initiative on International Criminal Justice and a Civil Party Lawyer at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. Additionally, Mr. Liu is an Adjunct Professor in International Law at the Royal University of Law and Economics in Phnom Penh. Additionally, he is Advisor in the Africa-China-EU dialogue on Conventional Arms. Moderator is Robert Heinsch (Leiden University).

Other human rights experts: Gautam Bhatia (India), Jimena Suarez Ibarrola (Mexico), Angela Uwandu-Morgan (Nigeria), Sergey Golubok (Russia), Iryna Kushnir (Ukraine), Ali Zeynel Gokpinar (Turkey) and Sayi Nindi (South-Africa).

Hague Talks is a worldwide, interactive series of dialogue and discussion about subjects related to peace and justice. Hague Talks is an initiative from Hague project Peace and Justice. The human rights experts visit The Hague in the framework of the Ministry of Foreign affair’s Dutch visitors program


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