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20 Feb

Docu + Discussion

The humanitarian side of the Turkey deal

The documentary De Deal shows the consequences of the Turkey deal. The focus of this film is the island of Lesbos, where thousands of people are still in uncertainty. In the film refugees, volunteers and the deal’s architect Gerald Knaus, speak about the effects of the deal. The result is an pervasive insight into the current European migration policy. After the film, we talk with Gerald Knaus about the consequences of the Turkey deal and how humanitarian organizations should deal with this.

“A lot of the critics, a lot of the human rights organizations, the NGO’s, the refugee organizations, are very, very right in their criticism on what is going wrong. But what I fear is blanket criticism, without trying to persuade people to do things.”

For this program we invite the humanitarian sector to engage in a constructive discussion with Gerald Knaus on how to implement a limited, but at the same time humane migration policy. Can we come up with alternatives to the deal? Are those alternatives sustainable? And are there conditions under which humanitarian organizations can agree to the deal?

About the speakers

  • Gerald Knaus. Director of the independent think-tank European Stability Initiative (ESI). Knaus is regarded as the architect of the Turkey deal. He is reviled by extreme right and human rights organizations, but also admired for his intellectual courage. Tirelessly, Knaus travels through Europe to argue for a better European asylum policy combining compassion with realistic solutions.
  • Thea Hilhorst. Professor of Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in the Hague.

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