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22 Jan

Debate & Film

Humans on the Move part II: debate & film fragments

For many refugees, life has come to a (temporal) halt, both during their flight, as well as when they arrive in the country in which they apply for asylum. By using film fragments, we will engage in conversation about the insecurities that many refugees and migrants experience. What are the effects of these insecurities on their lives, their dreams and plans for the future? And are there possibilities to reduce this insecurity and create more safety?

About the speakers

Mouhannad Aladib has arrived in the Netherlands after a flight from Damascus, Syria. In Damascus he studied civil engineering, a study he is continuing now at the TU Delft. Next to his study and internships Mouhannad is active for multiple organizations that work or refugees in the Netherlands such as de Vrolijkheid, New Dutch Connections and Vluchtelingenambassadeurs.

Annick van Lookeren Campagne is a senior Conflict and Humanitarian advisor for Oxfam Novib. Her expertise lies in advocacy on humanitarian issues and humanitarian rights. Over the past 8 years she frequently travelled to conflict affected countries and disaster settings, including Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Chad and Niger to implement and support Oxfams humanitarian programs.

The debate will be moderated by Iranian-Dutch filmmaker Bahram Sadeghi.

About the fragments

We will look at the short movie 4.1 Miles in its entirety. This short movie is about the Greek coastguard captain Kyriakos who, together with his crew, sails daily between Lesbos and the Turkish coast to rescue refugees from death by drowning. The Greek journalist Daphne Matziaraki joins him for one day and brings us very close to the unreal reality of the dangerous crossing.

Furthermore, we will look at fragments from: Bolingo (Alejandro G. Salgado), Those Who Jump (Estephan Wagner, Moritz Siebert en Abou Bakar Sidibé) and The Return (Zahavi Sanjavi).

About this program

IDFA, the world-famous documentary festival, is coming to The Hague for the second time! In collaboration with Oxfam Novib, we will show the special documentary Those Who Jump on January the 22nd. This documentary is about the experience of migrants on the Moroccan-Spanish border. Preceding to this film, we will use other film fragments to debate about what it means for people when life comes to a (temporal) halt. Both parts of the program can be visited separately from one another.

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