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22 Jan


IDFA Documentary: Those Who Jump

This special documentary offers a different perspective on migration problems. Because one of the migrants, the Malinese Abou Bakar Sidibé, operated the camera, Those Who Jump conveys an unpolished image of the hard life of migrants.

A large group of African migrants are camping under severe and primitive conditions on a hill in Northern-Morocco. Every day they can see the Spanish enclave Melilla and the Mediterranean Sea behind it. They dream of a new life in Europe and make plans to cross the border illegally. However, this border is formed by a high fence that is guarded by cameras day and night. Behind this fence police officers are ready to stop those who jump by force. Only few accomplish crossing the border; others are caught, give up or have to pay for the jump with their lives.

Estephan WagnerMoritz Siebert and Abou Bakar Sidibé give a voice to the usually invisible central figures of the European migration problem in this impressive film.

Watch the trailer here:

About this program

IDFA, the world-famous documentary festival, is coming to The Hague for the second time! In collaboration with Oxfam Novib, we will show the special documentary Those Who Jump on January the 22nd. This documentary is about the experience of migrants on the Moroccan-Spanish border. Preceding to the film, we will use other film fragments to debate about what it means to people when life comes to a (temporal) halt. Both parts of the program can be visited separately from one another.

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