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27 Feb


Kinshasa Kids

In the hustle and bustle of the Congolese capital some 30,000 children live on the street because their parents accuse them of witchcraft. One of these ‘shegués’ is José, who was kicked out by his parents for being possessed by the devil. Together with his friends, he starts to make music with everything they can get hold of: hammers, old plastic bottles and broken electronic toys. Under the inspiring leadership of ‘bird of paradise’ Bebson, a local and generous rap singer, the kids even form a band, which they quite appropriately baptise The Devil Does not Exist.

In conversation with …

After the film you can ask questions to one of the people involved in the subject. The name of the person that will be speaking afterwards will soon be announced.

In collaboration with Movies that Matter

Humanity Cinema film series is made possible by Movies that Matter, an initiative of Amnesty International that opens the eyes of people to human rights issues by showing them movies. Movies that Matter organizes the Movies that Matter Festival from 20/26 March 2014 in The Hague.


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