Museum Night: Freak Like Me - Humanity House


21 Oct

Museum Night

Museum Night: Freak Like Me

Don’t miss the Humanity House during Museum Night The Hague. There will be performances by rapper Massih Hutak and qanun player Shaza Manla. Besides that actors make our experience journey more lifelike than ever. Check out the program and be sure to be there.

Cross-over performance by rapper Massih Hutak & qanun player Shaza Manla

Rapper Massih Hutak and qanun player Shaza Manla perform a special piece for Museumnacht: Freak Like Me. They challenge you to take a closer look at your own prejudices with their in-your-face humour and music.

Both performers know what it’s like to be seen as ‘different’. Massih fled from Afghanistan when he was only 6 and Shaza from Syria at 9 years of age. Massih is now a recognised rapper, columnist and writer and speaks out about all manner of social issues. He is, for example, well known for the gutsy letter (in Dutch) he wrote to Prime Minister Rutte. Or perhaps you heard him at Lowlands, explaining why he thinks hip-hop is the solution to all our problems. His own rap is also very direct and to the point. Shaza performed a lot in Syria and, due to her abundant musical talent, conquered the Dutch classical music world in just a few short years.

Renewed experience exhibit: What does it feel like to have to flee?

Step into the shoes of a refugee and experience what it’s like to have to leave everything behind. Especially for Museumnacht, actors make this 45-minute interactive experience all the more real. Good to know: this virtual experience was renewed in February. Now you get to meet eight people from different parts of the world, each of them with a totally different story, the common factor being that their flights from adversity all concluded in The Netherlands.

Bring out the activist in yourself with Ai Weiwei

What are you passionate about? Create your own protest banner and share your message with the world. Visit our special Museum Night cafe where you find the photo exhibition Relating to Refugees by the Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei. He made thousands of iPhone photos in refugee camps in various countries including Syria, Turkey, Italy, Greece and France. The dizzying array of pictures shows us personal encounters of the artist with people on the run, often in tragically desperate circumstances. Let Ai Weiwei inspire you to bring out the activist in yourself. Let your voice be heard!

Studio Aleppo

Both new and ‘established’ residents of The Hague are introduced in the photo exhibition Studio Aleppo [The Hague]. Some were born here and have never lived anywhere else. Others have only lived here for a short time after having fled from their native country. The photos were made by renowned photographer Robin de Puy in a pop-up photo studio which was temporarily housed in the Humanity House.

In addition to Robin de Puy’s beautiful portraits, you can also see the negatives from Aleppo itself that gave rise to the Studio Aleppo project, found amongst the debris in the devastated city by the Syrian photographer Issa Touma.

Openingstijden en tickets

During the Museum Night you can visit us from 8 p.m. till 1 a.m. Massih and Shaza will perform three times: at 8.15, 8.50 en 9.25 uur. Be sure to be on time because there is a limited number of seats!

Important: we don’t sell Museum Night entry tickets. You can order these at the Museum Night website. Here, you can also find the ‘offline’ points of sale.


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