'Nieuw' - Humanity House


30 Jan

Film and discussion


With big eyes eight-year-old Tanans looks around. The new school year has just begun. That is exciting for all students, but especially for Tanans. Tanans has only been in the Netherlands for a few weeks. He does not speak the language, understands nothing of the local customs and has not made any friends yet. Tanans is Congolese, but he grew up as a refugee in Uganda. Together with his family he has come to the Netherlands as an ‘invited refugee’. In the refugee camp, they were selected by the UNHCR to be resettled in the Netherlands and start a new life here.In ‘New’ we follow Tanans on his journey of discovery. 

About the speakers

After the documentary there is the possibility to ask Tanans questions yourself. The maker of this documentary, Eefje Blankevoort is also there to answer your questions. With Ariane den Uyl (VluchtelingeWerk Nederland) and Femke Joordens (UNHCR) we will shortly discuss about the international and Dutch resettlementprogramme for refugees. Congolees gospel will add some flavor to the evening.


  • Nederlands
  • 19:00
  • 19:30
  • 20:45