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10 May


The other face of Syria

Tonight we will present a different face of Syria during an evening full of stories, live music and visuals from the country. Through words and images, we experience the culture and a small part of Syrian life. How can we see Syria as more than just a war torn country? How do we break the stereotypes about Syria and the Syrian people?

In his presentation Khaled Salhani takes you to Syria: the history, culture, stereotypical thoughts about the Middle East and the status of Syrian refugees in Europe. What significant role did Syria play throughout history? What is the role of women in Syrian communities? How important is food and family in the Syrian culture?

The evening will be supported musically by a Syrian musician. Khaled: “Today I will focus on the positive aspects of Syria, because we hear enough of the sad aspects.” You will also get acquainted with the Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra in an impressive video presentation. The peace orchestra, which unites refugee musicians, aims to show you a different face of Syria. We end the evening with the popular drink ‘Tamer Hindi’ along with traditional snacks and delicacies from the Syrian kitchen, all prepared with love by Syrian refugees.

About the speaker

31-year-old Khaled Salhani lived in the Syrian capital Damascus for 28 years. He never expected he had to flee. However, two years ago Khaled fled from the violence in Syria. He finally ended up in the Netherlands and is currently living in Haarlem.

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