The right to land - Humanity House


20 May


The right to land

Chased from your own territory by people with more power, without an alternative being provided. This is happening to local farmers, indigenous communities and minorities all over the world. They have to make way for large scale agriculture, infrastructure, mining and other projects.

During this meeting we will investigate the role of land property in the conflicts in Columbia and South Sudan. What and whose interests are at stake? And how can local communities resist and stand up for their rights?

About the speakers

Maneul Garzon, a young Colombian lawyer, specialized in land rights, and legal representative of numerous victims of forced displacement and land repossession, and James Ninrew, a South Sudanese human rights activist, talk about their work and their experiences. Both from a different perspective, another country and another conflict, but with the same subject: land, access to land and the right to land. Pritha Belle of Justice and Peace will lead the discussion.

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The evening ends with a drink.


  • English
  • 19:30
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