Roma, Sinti and travellers: socially excluded? - Humanity House


12 May

Interactive debate

Roma, Sinti and travellers: socially excluded?

Sinti, Roma and Travellers form minority groups that have lived in Europe for many centuries. These communitees live a traditional life and travel in their mobile homes. They are often stereotyped, stigmatized and discriminated against, and in some countries such – as the Netherlands and France – steps are taken to gradually eliminate their traditions.

These steps restrain the Sinti, Roma and travellers in their everyday lives. During this HagueTalks we will discuss the policy of the municipal authorities in the Netherlands. How does the ‘’extinction policy’’ influence the trailerparks and influence human rights of the people involved? Are there other solutions available? Join the discussion.

About the speakers

Sabine Achterbergh, Chairperson of the Dutch Association of Sinti, Roma and Travellers and a Sinti herself has been advocating the rights of Sinti, Roma and Travellers since she was ten years old. She has been the voice of this community in numerous international conferences at the European Union, United Nations and elsewhere. She addressed the Roma Summit, in the presence of then European Commissioner for Justice, Viviane Reding and many other representatives from different countries.

Jelle Klaas, Coordinator of the Public Interest Litigation Project (PILP), is bringing a human rights perspective on the Roma,Sinti and Travellers issues in Dutch policies, and will share some of his own experiences with the Roma and Sinti cases he has been involved in.

Moderator: Jeff Handmaker, International Institute of Social Studies

About this program

This event has been organised by HagueTalks in co-operation with ISS Students of the Social Justice Perspectives Major in the framework of the Dutch Commemoration Day (4 May).


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