Tell me of the Seas - Humanity House


23 Oct

Film with discussion

Tell me of the Seas

Tell me of the Seas is a poetic reconstruction from one of the darkest periods in Iranian history. A story told trough the eyes of two mothers and daughters, one imaginary, the other real sharing a cell in prison. The stuff of the film’s narrative is a combination of reality and imagination, located in Evin prison in the Eighties under the regime of Khomeiny.

After the film

After the film there will be a conversation between the Iranian-Dutch filmmaker Reza Allamehzadeh, Rosh Abdelfatah (Kurdish-Syrian filmmaker and director of the Arab Camera Festival Rotterdam) and the audience.

The film Tell me of the Seas is organised by Humanity House in cooperation with Radio Zamaneh and the Grote Midden Oosten Platform as part of the Month of the History.


  • English
  • 19:30
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