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06 Sep

Film + Q&A

The Peace Agency: women as peacemakers

Mensen met een Missie presents: “The Peace Agency“, a documentary about Indonesian peace activist Lian Gogali. Responding to the violent conflict between Christians and Muslims on Sulawesi, Lian starts an interreligious school for women. Instead of victims of the conflict, women become peacemakers. Join us for the Dutch premiere of this documentary and meet Lian!

About the speaker

Lian Gogali was born in 1978 in Poso, on Sulawesi. Her school for women, which she founded at the age of 29, caught the attention of documentary filmmaker Sue Useem. Sue followed Lian 6 years with her camera, resulting in the impressive documentary ‘The Peace Agency’.

Mensen met een Missie supports Lian and her school for women since 2011. For this Dutch premiere Mensen met een Missie invited Lian to come to the Netherlands.

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