HagueTalks Afternoon: We, the People! The United Nations at 70 - Humanity House


23 Oct

Interactive Debate

HagueTalks Afternoon: We, the People! The United Nations at 70

Two inspiring speakers sharing their knowledge and insights on cyberspace and cybersecurity: professor Mary Aiken and Sjoerd Louwaars. Make sure to register soon, as seats are limited!

This afternoon edition of HagueTalks is part of the Special Edition: The UN at 70

The United Nations celebrates its 70th anniversary. HagueTalks will be marking this milestone with a unique edition centered around the newly adopted UN Global Goals for sustainable development and its challenges for implementation. We will be talking about issues of climate change, refugees, cyber security, peace keeping, and of course the role of institutions like the UN during various events organised throughout the day.

About the Speakers

Professor Mary Aiken (CyberPsychologist and Director of the RCSI CyberPsychology Research Centre, Ireland). Sjoerd Louwaars, Project Manager Entrepreneurship at the Centre for Innovation of Leiden University

Hague Talks Special Edition

From 20:00 until 01:00 Hague Talks continues in the Humanity House with a special edition: An evening full of close encounters, hopeful ideas, movies and discussions on the future of the United Nations and the world. Come and meet the people behind the UN and many other organisations. Who are they? What drives them? And what is it like to work for organisations like UNHCR or UNICEF in times of war? Meet these experts and together discuss how to achieve the UN Global Goals. Buy your ticket here.


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