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19 Jun

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World Books with Parker Bilal

Angel of the city is a literary thriller which takes place in the slums of Caïro. Where the heavily mutilated bodies of a few young boys were found. Everybody is pointing at the Christian community. Inspecteur Makana sees a religious conflict flaring up en has the feeling that history is repeating itself.

About the author

During the second episode of the programme World Books of Oxfam Novib and Humanity House, there is a live-interview with the English / Sudanese author Jamal Mahjoub (pseudonym Parker Bilal) about his book  Angel of the City, his personal background and the situation in his home country. The author lives in London and grew up in Sudan and he studied Geology at the University of Sheffield. After his study he returned to Khartoem, where he wrote his first book. Moderator is Hassnae Bouazza.


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