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23 Sep


The end of the Mediterranean route

Up to now more than 1500 people have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea in 2018 while trying to reach Europe. In general politicians, aid agencies and scientists agree that the Mediterranean route, by which migrants from North African countries try to reach Europe, should end. They only disagree about the right solution.

During this programme we will discuss this topic with experts by experience, policy makers, activists and international law experts. We are looking for the most humane way to end the Mediterranean Sea route. A way that can also work for Europe.

About the speakers

  • Sandra Hammamy has been working since 2015 on the boats of Sea Watch, an organisation that picks up migrants in distress at sea, and brings them to Europe. We talk with her about her work, the European migration policy and the diabolical dilemma of aid organisations: if you save people sailing at sea, you also encourage them to continue to use the boats. Politicians have therefore accused SeaWatch (and other rescue organisations) of helping people smugglers. How does Sandra look at this dilemma? And how does she think we can end the Mediterranean Sea route?
  • Salwa Zaher works as a journalist for Majalla. In 2012, she fled from Syria to Egypt. Two years later she came to the Netherlands. She will talk about her own flight via the Mediterranean route and what she thinks is required for humane policies for refugees.
  • Salvo Nicolosi. Salvo Nicolosi works as Assistant Professor in European and International Law at Utrecht University Law School. His research focuses on the interactions between the European Asylum System and the most important systems of human rights protection. We talk with him about the legal framework in which the EU shapes its asylum policy. Or simply put: Which rules should the EU abide to, and who monitors this?
  • Laurens van Doeveren. Laurens van Doeveren works at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the regional department of North Africa and the Middle East (DAM). He is concernced with the stabilisation in Libya. We talk with him about the opportunities for the EU to make agreements on migration with Libya and other North African countries.
  • With a closing column by Olave Basabose. Olave is black, vegan, non-binary trans femme, queer, feminist, Umurundikazi, neuro-atypical, money-poor and a resolute romantic. She is one of the authors in the book ‘BLACK – Afro-European literature from the Low Countries’ and was candidate councilor for the Haagse Stadspartij during last municipal elections. Since recently she has her own YouTube show: Olave Talks.
  • Moderator of the event is journalist Eefje Blankevoort.

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