Everyday Rebellion - Humanity House


11 Dec

Movie with conversation

Everyday Rebellion

Ghandi knew it all along and now it’s scientifically been proven: non-violent protest is more effective than violent protest. Citizens across the world are rising up in creative forms of solidarity. From the Occupy movement to the Spanish ‘Indignados’ to the Arab Spring and from Iran to Syria to the Ukraine, everyday people are expressing themselves through nudity, performance, silence, sound, creation and community. Showing us the infinite possibilities of people power in the imagination of a better world.

About the speakers

By showing this movie the Humanity House want’s to draw attention for important subjects and discuss it with their audience.
After the movie a mini lecture will be held by Femke Kaulingfreks, political philosopher. She researched the political meaning of public disturbances and riots, where youngsters with an immigrant background and coming from a disadvantaged urban area where involved. The Paris bandlieus is an example of such an urban area.


  • English
  • 19:00
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  • 22:00