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27 Mar


Behind the high walls

During the Iranian Revolution of 1979, many students competed for a more free and open Iranian society. The result was the opposite: the constitution of the worlds first Islamic Republic. In the following years many young people were picked up, jailed, tortured and even executed.

In the movie ‘Behind the high walls: Life and death in Iran’s Prisons’ we here the stories of these prisoners and we get an unique insight in this dark world.

About the speaker

Documentary filmmaker Farid Haerinejad has raised awareness and produced knowledge on issues related to human rights, minority rights, civil society and freedom of speech in Iran. He worked for radio and television at Rogers Television, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Radio Zamaneh. Haerinejad directed the international award winning documentary film ‘Women in Shroud’ which addresses the practices of stoning in Iran.


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