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24 Apr


The lessons learned from aid workers in Syria and the region

In March, it was eight years since the start of the civil war in Syria. ISIS seems to have been defeated, but the armed struggle is not over yet. Millions of people are still displaced inside and outside Syria. Together with humanitarian aid workers who have been active in Syria and the region, we talk about the humanitarian challenges Syrians face, now and in the near future.

In March, the European Union and the United Nations organized a major conference in Brussels on the future of Syria and the region. More than 57 countries and 20 international organizations came together to talk about supporting the future of Syria and the region. During this program, we talk with aid workers who are active in Syria and the region. What have been the biggest humanitarian challenges? How will the outcomes of the conference affect their work? And what lessons have to be learned from the events of recent years?

About the speakers

  • Evert-Jan Grit is programme officer Middle-East at PAX. He will introduce the programme.
  • Paul Wolters works for Terre des Hommes and War Child and will talk with Syrians and the public about education for Syrian children.
  • Marten Treffers is Shelter Expert Humanitarian Aid at Cordaid. He will discuss the complexity of shelter in Syria.

About this program

This program is organized by Terre des Hommes . In 2016 it launched the three-year program “Back to the Future” in collaboration with War Child and two Italian organizations (AVSI and Terre des Hommes Italy). The program helps Syrian children go to school in Lebanon and Jordan.

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