Freedom Lecture - Humanity House


22 Mar


Freedom Lecture

The life of the world renowned Egyptian feminist Nawal el Sawaadi (1931) has always been guided by the fight for women’s rights and freedom. In her battle against women’s oppression within Islam she has faced imprisonment, exile and many death threats yet this has never held her back.

During the Egyptian revolution el Sawaadi found herself in the middle of the demonstrations in Cairo but now, four years on, what does she think of the current developments in Egypt? Is she still hopeful about the future of her country? What has her endless battle for human rights taught her, and what advice would she give to future human rights activists? After her lecture, author and human rights lawyer Naema Tahir will interview el Sawaadi.

About the Speaker

Nawal el Sadaawi is feminist, political activist, doctor, psychiatrist and writer. In 2004 she was the first woman to compete in the presidential elections in Egypt. Her most famous book ‘Women and Sex’ stirred up the second-wave feminism in the seventies. Naema Tahir is human rights lawyer and author. She made her debut in 2005 with the essays ‘A Muslima unveileid’. In februari she publicized her new book ‘Veiled Freedom’, a book on the position of Moslim women between tradition and modernity, and on the meaning of feminism and emancipation.

About the Freedom Lecture
This year, in cooperation with Amnesty International, De Balie presents for the third time the series The Freedom Lecture; lectures that always have the story of a freedom thinker as their key element.

The Freedom Lecture will come to The Hague twice this year. In March it will be hosted in Het Nutshuis, and in May in Humanity House. Buy your ticket online and get free entrance to the temporary exhibition Stories of Change – Beyond the ‘Arab Spring‘.

This edition of the Freedom Lecture will take place in Het Nutshuis, Rivierhuismarkt 5 in The Hague.


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