Tour through The Asylum Search Engine in The Hague - Humanity House


24 Sep

Just Peace 2016

Tour through The Asylum Search Engine in The Hague

Have you visit the exhibition ‘The Asylum Search Engine’ yet? If not, take your change; come and visit the exhibition with guidance from an experience expert and our Head of programs and exhibitions!

In the exhibition The Asylum Search Engine you can step into the world of asylum in the Netherlands. The refugee crisis has deeply divided Europe and the Netherlands. While some call for closed borders, others advocate free entry. There is little nuance in the heated debates. Asylum seekers are either unwelcome parasites who feed on our wealth or pitiful figures deserving of our compassion. Rules are rules, states one group; the individual comes first, states the other.


You are introduced to the world of asylum by 41 visual artists and photographers. Most of us will never experience that world: refugees seem to come from a different world; a place of war, violence and poverty. How do you relate to these people? What responsibilities do you, as a Dutch citizen, have for our policies? Do you look away or do you step in and think along?

About the speakers

During the Just Peace Festival, former refugee Istahil Abdulahi– who went through The Asylum Search Engine herself – will show you around the exhibition and share her personal experience with it.

Frederiek Biemans, our head of programs and exhibitions, is responsible for a diverse mix of programs and exhibitions that engage people. During this tour she will elaborate on the principles of Humanity House and this special project.

Tour + Exhibition + Experience

A ticket for this tour does not only offer entrance to the exhibition The Asylum Search Engine, but offers entrance to the experience of Humanity House as well. Of course you are more than welcome to relax in our cozy museumcafé or – with nice weather – on our terrace afterwards.

Just Peace Festival

This tour is part of the Just Peace Festival in The Hague, that celebrates the international Day of Peace all over the city from 21st to 25th of September. Check out all activities on the Just Peace websiteand make sure to be part of it!


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