A journey of discovery

UPDATE: Due to the recent developments concerning COVID-19 and the associated national measures, Humanity House is closed until 31 May. 5 June the museum will reopen again. 

Thankfully, most of us know about disasters and conflicts only from newspapers and TV. Such events occur elsewhere in the world, far away. In its museum, Humanity House brings them nearer. Embark on a journey through the museum and see, hear and experience personally what it must feel like to have to survive in an area affected by conflict or disaster.

It’s an impressive journey on which you imagine the unimaginable. It’s as if you find yourself in the place of a refugee.

Get to know 8 refugees very well

After this journey, you can meet – virtually – eight remarkable people, all with remarkable stories of their escape from war or conflict. Watch and listen to the stories of Yvonne, Bruce, Shaza, Aiham, Ram, Akhrat, Desbele and Lidija, and ask them anything you want. Do you want to take action and help create a more peaceful world? Then find inspiration in our Do-It-Yourself space.

More than a museum

The Humanity House is more than a museum. It is also a platform for staging live-interviews, debates, exhibitions, events & festivals, film screenings and other activities. See our calendar for all activities. We also offer educational programmes for schools to raise awareness and stimulate discussion about themes such as relief aid, war, disasters and refugees. Special masterclasses are also available for students.

Children aged 10 and older

Owing to the realistic and overwhelming nature of the exhibition, the museum is suitable for children aged 10 and older only. Children aged from 8 to 10 are allowed into the exhibition accompanied by an adult.