Fair Fashion Lab Festival - Humanity House




Fair Fashion Lab Festival

What human stories lie hidden in your wardrobe? How can you discover who made your clothes and under what conditions? What can you do about the evils that beset the garment industry?! Humanity House will alive with all sorts of activities aimed at offering answers to these questions during the two-day Fair Fashion Lab Festival.

Hear the stories behind our clothes from fashion labels and designers, from activists and actors, and enjoy a stunning fashion show! Meet artists, researchers and fashion experts with creative solutions for the fashion industry. And join in the action by breathing new life into old clothes.

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The Fair Fashion Lab Festival is totally free and offers a programme full of background, workshops, hand-on activities and…fair fashion!
The Festival is part of the Fair Fashion Lab exhibition. Together with designers, artists and researchers, Fair Fashion Lab is searching for surprising solutions to the problems of the garment industry.


  • 12:00
  • 13:00
  • 18:00