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10 Jun

interactive debate

HagueTalks #4: No justice without Inclusion

Currently, the majority of the global population is excluded from justice. During HagueTalks #4, Michael Liu and Hector Olasolo, both leading experts in international law, discuss pathways to more inclusiveness.

Communities excluded from justice are marginalized and their voices are not heard. Michael Liu (China) will focus on institutional access to justice and the importance of an increased Chinese participation. Liu: “Any international justice without Chinese participation will not be a true global effort”.

Hecor Olasolo (Colombia) will address inclusiveness from an individual angle. He pleads that positive and inclusive peace and justice needs a profound revaluation of ethical standards of today’s society. “How can we also understand peace and justice through positive, inclusive concepts, requiring conditions for every human being to develop his or her own capabilities?”

About the speakers

Hector Olasolo is chairman of International Law at the University of El Rosario and the Ibero-American Institute of The Hague for Peace, Human Rights and International Justice, Director of the International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic of El Rosario University and Ad Hoc Professor of International Criminal Law at The Hague University.

Michael Liu is founder and Secretary General of the Chinese Initiative on International Criminal Justice, Civil Party Lawyer at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, Adjunct Professor in International Law at the Royal University of Law and Economics in Phnom and Advisor in the Africa-China-EU dialogue on Conventional Arms.


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