Iron Sky Festival 2019 - Humanity House


16 Nov


Iron Sky Festival 2019

Between 16 and 17 November, Iron Sky will host the second season of the Iron Sky Film Festival, exploring the rise of far-right extremism in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

During the two-day event, movies directed by Slovak and Czech documentary makers and experts will provide input for debates. The selected movies take the viewer to the roots of far-right extremism. They uncover the fear of the unknown, necessity to defend one’s national values and guides them through the anti-immigration sentiments which are still present in both countries. After the film-screenings, there will be time for networking and questions.

This year’s festival is symbolic as Slovakia and the Czech Republic commemorate 30 years since the fall of the Iron Curtain. More information about the festival and films, can be found on the Iron Sky website.


When the war comes is a documentary that puts middle-class teenager Peter in the forefront. Peter rebels against the established structures in Slovakia by forming a paramilitary group with fascist inclinations. The movie reflects on the rise of the group’s popularity while authorities turn a blind eye on their activities.

Czech Allah is story-driven time-lapse documentary of Zuzana Piussi which explores the impact of the refugee simulacrum on the collective imagination and real society. While the Czech Republic only accepted a very small number of refugees, the immigration wave awakens xenophobic and anti-Islamist feels of the society.


Andrej Ban is an award-winning press photographer and writing reporter, currently with DennikN. He has written multiple articles on extremism in Slovakia. He has reported on the war in Kosovo and chairs the humanitarian organization People in Perill.

Michal Dzurko is a member of a civil initiative Not in our City in Banská Bystrica and member of Radicalization awareness network platform which functions under the auspices of European Commission. His area of expertise political radicalism, extremism and musical subcultures.


3:00 pm: Doors open
3:30 pm: Welcome note by Iron Sky Film Festival crew
4:00 pm: Screening When the War Comes
5:20 pm: Break
6:30 pm: Screening Czech Allah
8:00 pm: Break
8:15 pm: Discussion with the experts


  • English
  • 15:00
  • 15:30
  • 21:15