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17 Oct

Photography & Music

Scoop: Playtime

It is a popular phenomenon: the digital detox. Why do we want to escape from the digital world? And what influence does this world have on our lives?

With his photography project Playtime, photographer Ludwig Ander-Donath shows that actually escaping and going offline is not possible. In this edition of Scoop, Yair Callender talks to him about the invisible influence of the digital world on our lives.

The digital world influences all aspects of our lives, even when we don’t realize it, says Ludwig Ander-Donath. In his project, he portrays places that represent technological progress, without giving the viewer precise information about what has been depicted. What can we see from this architecture and what do these places say about the world in which we live?

Songwriter Pyke, from The Hague, uses Ludwig’s photos  as inspiration en translates this into music.

Scoop stands for showcasing new stories and music. Photographers and musicians share work still in development, letting you see their work in a new way. In each edition, artist Yair Callender talks to photographers from all over the world who address social questions through their photos. Scoop is a collaboration between Humanity House, Popradar Den Haag and Docking Station.

Speakers & artists

Ludwig Ander-Donath is a documentary photographer. In photography Ludwig‘s main focus lies on long term projects around socially and politically relevant issues. For his project TBL he accompanied three deafblind people over the course of one year. For Südraum, he has been documenting the long term effects of lignite mining in the former GDR. Ludwig is currently living in Hanover, Germany and working as a freelance photographer and picture editor.

Pyke is a songwriter with a characteristic voice and striking, melancholic songs. His repertoire consists of bittersweet dreamy acidfolk with a Britpoppy verve.


Yair Callender is an artist from The Hague. He makes sculptures and other spatial works, some of them monumental and others at the intersection of autonomous work and furniture. Underpinning his art is his exploration of spiritual and symbolic ornaments and shapes. What is the inherent meaning of shapes that go beyond aesthetic value?

Docking Station is a photography platform that aims to charge socially relevant photography projects with new expertise so that they reach a wider audience. It invites young, international photographers to work on their project for a month in the Netherlands and come into contact with a large network of creatives and other experts.

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