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16 Apr

Films & debate

Socio-economic recovery in South Sudan and Uganda

Two short films serve as our window on South Sudan and Uganda: skilfully filmed, each shows us a fragment of reality in these two countries. In South Sudan, we see two businessmen in Juba, and reflect on the importance of the private sector for the development of a stable state. In the north of Uganda, we see how people seek to become food secure, and how Dutch NGO ZOA attempts to support their efforts. Both films highlight people’s own efforts, the need for international assistance, and some of the challenges involved.

This first showing of two short films on South Sudan and Uganda will stir up debate about socio-economic recovery in fragile settings, after or even during conflict: is there a lot to gain, or should we accept the limitations posed by these challenging contexts?

About the Speakers

Each film will be followed up with a discussion and Q&A with: Rens Twijnstra (researcher South-Sudan), Timmo Gaasbeek (representative of ZOA), Fia van der Klugt (Ministery of Foreign Affairs). The evening will be moderated by professor Thea Hilhorst (director of the IS Academy). Together with them, we will have an open debate on socio-economic recovery in fragile settings.

Made by Talitha Stam, these films are a product of the IS Academy Human Security in Fragile States, a research project that seeks to nuance the general image of fragile states.


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