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22 Sep

Just Peace 2016

In the Picture: How to handle the cruelty of mankind?

How to handle seeing and dealing with war, suffering and cruelty on a daily basis? How do you relate to the dark side of mankind and still keep on working for a just world, without losing hope? In this special interview, journalist Eefje Blankevoort talks with war photographer Paul Hansen and judge Fausto Pocar from the Yugoslavia tribunal about their work, justice, hope and the conflicts and cruelty they have witnessed.

As a war photographer, Paul Hansen has traveled the world to capture images of war and cruelty. Fausto Pocar has in his function of judge at the Yugoslavia tribunal heard and researched many of such stories. Both men are intensively working to change the horrors that they face and create a more righteous world. Through photo’s and anecdotes they will allow us to enter into their worlds.

About the speakers

Paul Hansen is a photo journalist living in Stockholm, Sweden. For his work, both as a photographer for the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter and doing his own projects, he travels around the globe. This year he has been rewarded the second prize in the ‘general news’ category of the world press contest, which you can visit at the Atrium. Besides this he has been awarded “picture of the year” twice and “photographer of the year” for eight times already in Sweden. In 2013 he won the first prize in the “spot news” category of the World Press Contest.

Fausto Pocar is an Italian legal expert. Since 2000 he is a judge at the Yugoslavia Tribunal. His first case there was concerning rape and crimes against humanity. Later onwards he became a judge for the joined appeal chambers of the Yugoslavia- and the Rwandan tribunal. He has been vice president of the tribunal from 2003-2005 and president from 2005-2008.

About this program

This program is organised by the Humanity House and is part of the Just Peace festival in The Hague. This festival is set up around the international day of peace and takes place all around the city from the 21st until the 25th of September. One of the festival activities is the World Press photo exhibition in the Atrium. Find the overview of all the festival events at the Just Peace website and join us in the celebrations!

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