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14 Apr


Watchdogs under Watch

In the name of national security and counter-terrorism, journalist and bloggers all over the world are restricted by cyber security measures. Journalists working under authoritarian regimes have most to fear. But also the security and intelligence services from Western countries are not free from blame.

How far do National Security interests trump those of a free media? When does the ritual insistence on the centrality of freedom of expression in the western world become lip service when measured against practice? How do journalists and bloggers find new methods to protect themselves and their sources from the apparent ubiquitous onslaught of cyber surveillance?

These questions will be raised at a panel discussion organized by Radio Netherlands Worldwide. The start point for the debate is a new report from Washington-based think tank, the Center for Media Assistance. This report argues that civil society should press for an international agreed set of standards on cyber surveillance so that bloggers and journalists working under authoritarian regimes can conduct their work in safety.

About the speakers

Don Podesta (formerly Washington Post correspondent, news editor and writer of the report), Hala Al Dosari (Saudi activist, researcher and presenter), and Janet Anderson (journalist from Radio Netherlands Worldwide). In the audience there are twenty-two journalists from all over the world, who will be part of a lively discussion on the important topics of privacy, security, and freedom of expression.

The discussion will feed into the Global Confence on CyberSpace 2015, being held in The Hague on 16 and 17 April.


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