Welcome To The Living Room! - Humanity House


02 Jul


Welcome To The Living Room!

For one afternoon, the terrace of the Humanity House will be transformed to the Migrationlab Public Living Room, co-created by migrants, refugees and locals.

In this space we will find out, among others, how an 11-year-old girl experiences migration; how the journey of a Syrian refugee went, and what perspectives Dutch students have on the current migration challenges. What’s our relationship with languages during our migration journey and how does migration from Europe to Africa shape our identity. 

Migrants, refugees, visitors and locals will share their stories and reflections and invite you to contribute to an authentic discussion about who we are, where we come from, and how we can share the same space. It is also possible to visit the exhibition The Asylum Search Engine, that takes you into the world of asylum in the Netherlands.

Besides stories, we will also share food. Therefore we invite you to bring along a dish that represents your culture. Live music by a young Dutch band and a jam session accompany us, so feel free to bring along a music instrument and join the fun!

About the project

Welcome to The Living Room“ is Migrationlab’s cultural project. Since 2014 we transform urban/public spaces to public living rooms together with migrants, refugees and locals in cities across Europe. In these co-created spaces the communities share stories and reflections on migration using artistic forms. Our goal is to create opportunities for these communities to meet; get to know and befriend each other; challenge stereotypes and present an unfiltered reality by and about human beings.

About this program

This event is organized by Migrationlab in cooperation with Humanity House. This year, the „Welcome to The Living Room“ encounters in The Netherlands are made possible by the European Cultural Foundation through the Idea Camp R&D Grant. Our next Migrationlab Public Living Room takes place in Rotterdam this fall.


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