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How do we achieve world peace?

The Netherlands had a temporary seat in the Security Council in 2018. The organ of the United Nations that is given the task of securing worldwide peace. But what type of actions can this institution sanction and how are the different countries that make up the council able to come together to form a unified decision?

To answer these questions Humanity House, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offers SimSummit for students in higher education. A program of 2,5 hours in which a meeting of the Security Council is simulated and a staff member of the Dutch UN-Security Council Taskforce is present to reflect on the simulation and engage in a conversation with the students about the diplomatic considerations that come into play on this international podium.

SIMULation UN-Security council

An international crises is on the verge of occurring due to the situation in Qirabia, a fictitious North-African country. The current president has refused to announce the results of recent elections, which has aroused a revolt with the supporters of the opposition party. Protests and violence have erupted within the country, people are fleeing their homes and allies of each party are demanding support for their cause with violent means.

In SimSummit the students are the representatives of the countries that are currently a member of the Security Council. They are called for a meeting to form a resolution that should restore the peace in Qirabia.

in conversation with an expert

The Dutch UN-Security Council Taskforce coordinates the Dutch contribution to the Security Council. A member of this team will be present during the simulation in order to subsequently reflect upon the events that happend and the decisions that were made by the students. How is SimSummit comparable to an actual meeting in the council, which alliances play an important role and in which way is this institution able to guard worldwide peace and security?


Target group:higher education
Length:2,5 hours
Price:€12,50 per student
Payment:per invoice
Amount of students:between 15 - 30

*Prices include VAT.


Interesting for students of

International Relations
Political Sciences
Development Studies
Disaster Management Studies


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