Why we do this - Humanity House
About us
Everybody enjoys the right to a life of peace and freedom and everybody can contribute positively to this in their own way.

Why we do this

The Humanity House was founded on 9 December 2010 at the instigation of the Dutch Red Cross, with support from the City of The Hague and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Commission.

Located on Prinsegracht in The Hague, the Humanity House is a place to see, hear and experience the human story behind disasters and conflicts, both physically and online.

The Humanity House is a museum that lets you experience what it’s like to live through a disaster or conflict and explores related themes in temporary exhibitions. The Humanity House also provides a platform, a place of encounter for people, organisations and agencies that deal with humanitarian themes. Moreover, our education programmes explain global problems to children and young adults. The Humanity House organises these activities with its twelve staff members and museum team with fourteen employees, and in collaboration with various partners.

What is our mission?

The Humanity House raises discussion about humanitarian themes to enhance understanding, inspiring people to contribute positively to a life in peace and freedom for everybody

What is our vision?

A life of peace and freedom is uncertain for many people. Humanitarian themes such as equal rights, a secure supply of food, freedom of speech and migration are important issues all over the world. Disasters and conflicts are a daily occurrence. The Humanity House makes people aware of the impact of humanitarian themes that dominate the lives of many millions of people every day. By discussing situations from a human point of view, we raise people’s understanding of issues that are often unimaginable, complex and urgent. By sharing stories, we bring situations far away closer to us. We do this through images, engagement, debate, music and discussion from the perspectives of various participants, from journalist to victim and from relief organisation to soldier.

The Humanity House believes that by making people aware of humanitarian themes around the world, we can inspire them to get involved. Indeed, they can make a positive contribution either directly or indirectly. The Humanity House wants to appeal to the widest possible public and offers specific programmes for youths (10-24), young professionals (25-40) and professionals.

The Humanity House discusses the human side of disasters and conflicts through:

  • Collaboration with national and international organisations
  • Permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • Education programmes
  • Provision of a place of gathering, both physical and virtual
  • Lectures and debates