Humanity House at Home - Humanity House
24 April 2020

Humanity House at Home

Do you still want to get some inspiration now that Humanity House is closed? At home you can listen to the people you normally meet in the museum, rewatch programs and read interviews.

Listen to the stories of 8 refugees

You can meet – virtually – eight people, all with remarkable stories of their escape from war or conflict. Watch and listen to the stories of Yvonne, Bruce, Shaza, Aiham, Ram, Akhrat, Desbele and Lidija. Do you want to take action and help create a more peaceful world? Then find inspiration in our Do-It-Yourself space.


Rewatch and Relisten

Some of our previous programs can be viewed online. At the Rewatch and Relisten page you can find all English programs. You can watch panel discussions, lectures, interactive debates and conversations.

You can for example take a look at the interactive debate series Hague Talks:

Read interviews and personal stories

On our blog you can find interesting interviews and personal stories. You can read the story of Laury Haytayan. She was one of the speakers during the event She’s got the power. Or take a look at the article Growing up as a refugee: what does that do to a child? 


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