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25 October 2019

Rewatch: past, present and future of women in the Gulf

On 17 October, during the Henriette van Lynden lecture, we spoke with four women from the Gulf States about the social structures and the current role of women in the region.

Four women from the Gulfstates took the stage to reflect on societal changes and the shifting role of women in their region. From their expertise in the fields of politics, education, business, law, and the cultural sector, they each shared their view. 

Speakers were:

  • Fatemah al-Bader, assistant-professor in the Department of International Law, at the Kuwait International Law School in Kuwait. She has published research on topics such as citizenship and gender, technology and human rights.
  • Hind Alansari, PhD candidate at the university of Cambridge, on the subject of education and the effect educational reform on society and culture.
  • Raya Abu Gulal, corporate lawyer currently based in the UAE. She founded the Women Lawyers Group-Middle East and is board member of the International Women Business Group Abu Dhab.
  • Frauke Heard-Bey, historian and political scientist, based in the UAE. She has studied social and political developments in the Gulf region over the past five decades.

During the event, artist Noura Binsaidan made graffiti art. This street artist from Saudi Arabia is currently an artist in residence at the Amsterdam Street Art Museum.

Watch the entire program here:


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